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Our Weber BBQ collection offers a barbecue for anyone. We have a barbecue for every space and event, from extensive Genesis Gas Barbecues to the Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill. Are you a professional barbecue cook, or are you just at the prompt start of your barbecue carrier? Taverham Nursery Centre stocks a wide range of Weber BBQs to enjoy your outdoor. We have a large stock of traditional charcoal barbecues with a lid and a built-in thermometer. Explore our extensive gas barbecue for the extensive BBQ lovers—Cook, grill, roast and slow cook the perfect dish.

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Weber Charcoal BBQ

We have a wide range of Weber charcoal BBQs available. Charcoal BBQs give your meat, fish and vegs the typical smokey barbecue taste. Charcoal BBQs work with both charcoal and briquettes. Taverham Nursery Centre offers a large selection of high-quality charcoal and briquettes to lit the barbecue. Find out the pros and cons of charcoal and briquettes:

  • Charcoal
    • burns faster than briquettes,
    • rapidly reaches high temperatures,
    • is suitable for direct grilling.
  • Briquettes
    • take longer to heat up than charcoal,
    • stay at a constant temperature for a long time,
    • are suitable for indirect grilling,
    • are durable because you can reuse them. 

Make your choice and light your Webber BBQ.

Weber Gas Barbecue

Gas barbecues have become more popular, as they have important advantages compared to charcoal barbecues. Weber Gas BBQs have unlimited features and are top performers to serve the perfectly cooked, grilled, roasted or slow-cooked meal. Gas barbecues are ready within a minute, without all of the hassle and dirt of charcoal. If you need any help finding the perfect Weber Gas BBQ, just ask our staff. They will give you the best advice and help you with buying the ideal Gas BBQ. 

Buy Weber BBQ in Norwich

Are you looking for a place to explore the latest Weber BBQ range? Taverham Nursery stocks a large selection of Weber BBQs at our garden centre in Norwich. Visit our garden centre in Norwich and check out the newest types and feel the barbecue spirit flow through your veins. Any questions? Please contact us by calling 01603 860 522.