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Christmas trees

You can find beautiful Christmas trees  here at Taverham Nursery Centre. We offer a wide range of live and artificial Christmas trees, find out which tree is best for you, and get yourself a high-quality Christmas tree from Taverham Nursery Centre.

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Potted Christmas tree

Potted Christmas trees are a more sustainable option because you can plant the tree in your garden after the Holiday season is over, rather than simply disposing of it. If you’ve chosen a potted Christmas tree here are some tips for safely transporting it home:

  • Potted Christmas trees are more delicate than cut trees, because they’re alive, you must find a way to transport the Christmas tree upright.  

  • It’s best to prop the tree up in your trunk, with the top of your tree coming out of the back hatch of your car.

  • When you get home, plant the potted Christmas tree into a big flower pot. Make sure the pot is big enough, so the roots continue growing.

Nordmann Fir Christmas tree

One of Europe’s best sold Christmas trees is the Nordmann Fir Christmas tree. We totally understand why everyone loves this tree, with its deep green colour and round needles that don’t shed, it is a perfect Christmas tree.  The Nordmann Fir has a longer lifespan than other firs. 

Norway Spruce Christmas tree

The other infamous Christmas tree in Europe is the Norway Spruce tree. This tree has a vibrant green colour with sharp needles. These needles can be quite sharp, so be careful with young children or pets. The Norway Spruce is mostly known for its delightful forest fragrance that fills your home with the Christmas. Most important with Norway Spruces, is that you keep it well-watered during the season. For the best needle retention, keep it properly watered, so the trunk doesn’t dry out. We offer cut and potted Norway Spruces, we recommend you to re-pot the tree into a larger pot and fill the pot with potting soil. This way, the tree keeps its bright green colour and holds on to its needles for a longer time.

Buy Christmas trees at Taverham

At Taverham Nursery Centre, we offer a wide range of Christmas trees to fill your house with love and warmth during the Holiday season.