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Solar Lights

The very latest thing in garden lighting is the use of solar power, harnessing the sun's energy and releasing it as a gentle, warm glow after dark to light pathways, water features, special plants and more.

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Benefits of solar lights

Solar lighting isn't just environmentally friendly

  • It's easy to use, too.
  • There's no wiring,
  • You don't need timers as they switch on automatically when the sun goes down.

You'll find a good range of solar lighting in our garden centre in %locations%, from spotlights to colour-changing LEDs, path lights and lanterns. Here's how to get the most from your display.

Where to hang solar lights?

  • Place the solar panel in a sunny spot so it can charge fully during the daytime. It'll operate in overcast conditions, but you may find in winter there's rarely enough sunlight for a full charge.

  • Keep your solar panel clean by wiping it gently with a damp cloth. If you let your solar panel get dirty, it won't be able to charge fully.

  • A full charge lasts for around six hours, and a single rechargeable battery lasts for around 600 charges – that's about two years – before it needs replacing.

Please ask the staff in our %locations% garden centre for more information and advice about using solar garden lighting.