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At Taverham Nursery Centre, we care for our garden birds. Garden birds are important to our biodiversity, bring our gardens to life and wake us up early in the morning. Everything you need for birdcare, you find at Taverham Nursery Centre. We offer bird feeders, bird tables, birdhouses, bird food, peanut butter, and many more. Discover our assortment in our garden centre and ask our employees for advice. We are open seven days a week. Our garden centre provides a safe shop environment. We always keep a 2-metres distance. You can also order products from our webshop. We are busy uploading more products to the webshop.

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Every season, garden birds need our help. During summer, you should fill plates with water, during fall, feed garden birds with peanuts, peanut butter and seeds, during winter, give shelter, and during spring, garden birds require high protein foods, especially when they’re moulting. We offer birdcare for every season. Be careful with your own peanut butter, home-made seed mixes and other self-made bird foods. Garden birds can’t handle a large amount of salt. Human food contains lots of salt, this is toxic to garden birds and can be fatal. Buy professional birdcare products at Taverham Nursery Centre, and we provide you with everything you need to feed the garden birds.

Bird feeders

If you want to feed your garden birds, you need bird feeders. We offer varying bird feeders. Hang bird feeders on different spots in the garden. Some garden birds like a high place, others prefer a lower place to find their food. Our staff members can tell you everything about our different feeders. Discover our wide range and start feeding your garden birds. We offer different kinds of bird feeders. We have:

  • Seed feeders
  • Peanut feeders
  • Fat ball feeders
  • Squirrel-proof feeders
  • Window feeders
  • Hanging feeders

Garden birds - Taverham

Different garden birds

Hang bird feeders on different places in the garden. Different garden bird feeders attract different garden birds. Every season, garden birds pop up in the garden. If you want to attract garden birds, you have to make your garden an attractive nature area. We love to see garden birds in our gardens. Do you recognize them all? For example,

  • Great tit: loves spiders, insects and caterpillars.

  • Robin: hide in conifers, bushes and trees.

  • Sparrow: love shrubs, collect grass, branches, hairs and feathers to create a nest. Check your gutter, holes, or birdhouses.

  • Blackbird: jumps on the lawn, searching for earthworms, eats everything like spiders, snakes, insects and berries.

Transform your garden into a bird paradise

Garden birds love green plants, trees, shrubs and lawns. Make sure you hang your birdhouses on a safe spot. Get rid of crossing branches, wooden planks and anything that gets in the way of the birdhouse. Plant clematis, hedera helix, and other climbers so garden birds choose your garden to hide and live. Want more tips on how to transform your garden into a bird paradise? Visit Taverham Nursery Centre in Norwich and discover our wide garden bird assortment.

Buy birdcare products at Taverham Nursery Centre

Besides bird feeders, we offer many more products to make your garden birds happy. Ask our employees for advice. Can't find what you're looking for, or are you looking for a specific product? Contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!