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Garden Tools

The right garden tools ease any garden job. Are you looking for garden tools to prune, mow, rake, blow, trim or sow? At Taverham Nursery Centre, we offer a wide range of garden tools to make gardening easier and more fun. Please take a look at our webshop and visit our garden centre to purchase the best garden tools. If you have any questions about the use of products or which products are best for you, please visit our garden centre in Norwich. We are always happy to help. 

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Lawn Garden Tools

To provide your lawn with the care it needs, you require some basic knowledge and of course some basic gardening tools. Once you know the basics and put in some effort, your lawn will be the centrepiece of your garden, a beautiful space to sit and enjoy the sun on a lovely day in Norwich! At Taverham Nursery Centre, you'll find everything you need for a beautiful and healthy lawn. Besides that, we can always help you out with some personal advice whenever you have any questions about lawn care and on how to choose your tools. 

Which tools do I need for a perfect lawn?

Lawn care is way easier with the right tools. Luckily, we've got just what you need at Rushfields Plant centre. The essential lawn tools that you need to get started are: 

  • Lawnmower: the number one tool for a pretty lawn
  • Half-moon edger: helps to create even edges 
  • Wire rake: both for raking up autumn leaves and for scarifying the lawn
  • Garden fork: for aerating lawns and punching drainage holes

These are the fundamental needs, but of course, you might want some more professional and versatile tools. Do you want to mow the grass manually, or automatically, for example? We stock a wide variety of garden tools. Just visit our garden centre in Norwich and take a look at our range. We are always willing to help you find the matching tools that suit your garden's needs. 

How to choose the right garden tools for your lawn

The basic needs are clear, but how do you choose the right tools? For example, when it comes to a lawnmower, there's a wide variety of options.

  • Push mowers are practical and environmentally-friendly for tiny lawns.
  • Electric mowers do short work for larger lawns.
  • Robot lawnmowers do the work while you focus on something else.

Depending on the time you want to spend on lawn care, the size of your lawn, and budget, you can choose the lawnmower that works best for you.  A half-moon edger is pretty straightforward, available in different sizes. It's a great tool to blade slice overgrown edges to a more pleasing finish. The choice for a wire rake could differ when it comes to size and material, which depends on ergonomic requirements and of course on your own preferences, the same counts for garden forks. If you need any advice on choosing the right tools for your lawn and your personal preferences, feel free to ask our staff for any advice. 

Visit Taverham Nursery Centre for advice

Please ask the staff in our Norwich garden centre for more information about which tools to choose and how to use them. We're also happy to help if you have any questions around lawn care and the steps you could take to improve your lawn. Don't hesitate to ask our staff for advice! Of course, we also offer other gardening tools, to make the best of your garden with optimal care and support. What do you think of a blower with battery and charger, or a hedge trimmer? Please take a look at our other categories, or visit us in Norwich.