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Ponds and Accessories

We have a large range of pond equipment featuring everything you need to create and maintain the perfect garden pond. We also have a weekly delivery of pond plants (in season).

We stock pond products from the following brands-

Hozelock - http://www.hozelock.com/product-category/aquatics/

Oasis – http://www.lotuswatergardenproducts.com/

lotus – http://www.lotuswatergardenproducts.com/page4.html

atlantis – http://www.lotuswatergardenproducts.com/page3.html

Nt labs – http://www.ntlabs.co.uk/

Interpet – http://www.interpet.co.uk/

Nishikoi – http://www.nishikoi.com/

Tetra – http://www.tetra-fish.com/

Ea – http://www.evolutionaqua.com/acatalog/Pure_Pond.html

Oase – https://www.oase-livingwater.com/en_GB/water-garden/start.html

Cloverleaf – http://www.cloverleaf.uk.net/answeradditives.html

Gold label - http://www.huttonaquaticproducts.co.uk/gold-label/

Check out our facebook page for regular updates of new fish species in stock.  https://www.facebook.com/TaverhamAquatics

Our pond section is currently being refitted (jan 2017), but should contain approximetly 20 pond fish vats, 3 lily vats, 3 marginal plant vats and an oxygenator vat. Work should be completed spring 2017.

Also feel free to look at our albums of some of the more unusual fish we have had in the past. https://www.facebook.com/pg/TaverhamAquatics/photos/?tab=albums



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