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Outdoor Plants


Unlike most garden centres we grow many of our outside plants ourselves, not only does this mean top quality and a great range of plants but it also means exceptional prices as we don’t have to pay ‘’middlemen” wholesalers for our stock. Specialist plant experts are also available to offer guidance and advice to help you create your perfect garden. 



Top Plants this month


Callicarpa bodinieri ‘Profusion’

This medium-sized deciduous shrub has attractive bronzy-purple spring foliage                                                                 

with panicles of small lilac-purple flowers in summer followed in autumn by eye

catching purple berries which often hang on the plant well into winter. The leaves

also have tints of yellow and bronze in autumn before falling. Callicarpas are best planted in small

groups to ensure good pollination and lots of berries, plant in well drained moderately fertile neutral

to acid soil in sun or partial shade, in soil which is too alkaline foliage may yellow. Any pruning should

be carried out just as the buds are swelling in early spring as Callicarpas flower and berry on the new

season’s growth.

Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca Citrina

This small to medium-sized evergreen shrub given a sunny sheltered spot in the garden will

put on a show for many months, although its main burst of flowers is in the spring it can flower

throughout the winter pausing if the weather is severe then carrying on again, its scented pea

like pale-lemon flowers like winter sunshine in the garden. Like many Mediterranean plants it

prefers well drained soil, a warm spot near a sunny wall would be perfect. Old woody plants can

be rejuvenated by pruning hard back in late winter or can be replaced with young cuttings in the


Garrya eliptica ‘James roofe’

A winter favourite is Garrya eliptica the silk tassel bush, which with its evergreen leaves and its

silvery catkins makes a striking sight in the winter garden. Garrya’s will grow in sun or shade but

windy exposed sites are best avoided to prevent wind scorch. Both male and female plants

produce catkins but the longest most attractive are found on male plants, the variety James

roofe being one of the best of these.


Hydrangea anomala ‘Winter Surprise’


This fabulous evergreen Hydrangea deserves to be more widely grown; it’s a self-clinging climber

with green young leaves in spring followed by large heads of white lacecap flowers in May and June,

then in autumn and winter its leaves turn a stunning deep bronzy-red. It makes compact bushy

plant to around 2m plus, growing well in fertile soil in sun or shade.


Nandina domestica ‘Blush Pink’

There have been several fantastic Nandinas released over the last few years and N.d ‘Blush Pink’ is one

which certainly stands out. Its new growth opens a blush pink then unlike many instead of ageing green

it brightens to red in summer and then carries it darkening fiery tones through autumn and winter.

Growing to around 60cm it’s a good selection for the front of a sunny border preferring well drained soil;

it also makes a fine evergreen container shrub.