• 18 shops on site
  • 5 year plant guarantee
  • plants department under canopy for weatherproof shopping


We have one of Norfolk’s largest Aquatic Centres at Taverham Nursery Centre. Our Fish room contains 85 no. Tropical aquariums, 14 no. Cold water aquariums, 29 no. Marine fish/invert aquariums, 2 no. Turtle tanks, 3 no. 6` coral tanks, 2 no. Plant bays, plus various show tanks.  This allows us to stock a vast selection of livestock, including fish, crustaceans (freshwater & marine) aquatic frogs, axolotls, corals & anemones, turtles and many more.
We have contacts all around the world allowing us to get the best quality and variety including many rare and unusual species.  In stock at any time we can have more than 300 species of fish and 250+ individual corals.  To ensure the quality of our fish, all new fish are quarantined for at least 2 days (freshwater) and 5 days (marine fish) to ensure health and feeding.

In our pond fish section we have 20 pond fish vats and 7 large pond plant vats, allowing us to stock everything from goldfish to very rare albino Siberian sterlets and pond weed to unusual lilies and lots in between.  Pond fish/plant season April-September, weather dependent).

In the shop itself we stock a large selection of dry goods from all the major supplies, to cater for all your aquatic needs.  We are also a Hozelock Centre of excellence, giving us the best prices and availability on all Hozelock equipment.

Our Knowledgeable staff (with up to 18 years experience in the trade) are always happy to help and advise.

You can follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on our latest live stock deliveries, giving you the opportunity to be first to see any new and unusual species.  Just search for Taverham Aquatics.